Customer Focus

Customer focus means that you have to look at things from a customer’s perspective. Here the word customers are used in a very general way as it could mean readers of your blog who are given free access.

For a start, you have to think about how the customer is made aware of the product/services in the first place. This could be achieved through social media, advertisements, blogs, articles as well as word of mouth. If the product/service that you are contemplating is entirely new, you have to think about educating the public. If it already exists and you are competing with other providers, then making your brand stand out is the primary concern. Thus the attributes that you select here depends on your situation.

Next, think about how the customer gets to make the purchase of the products or the services that you render. If your solution is to set up a retail outlet in a shopping mall, then obviously an attribute that you want is a brick and mortar shop. If you get blogs or articles written about your product/services, you may want them to mention your website or telephone number to place orders.  Or you may decide that an app is a convenient way for them to access your product/services.

The third thing to consider is how the customer is going to receive the products or the services rendered. For products, you could come up with solutions like home delivery, officer or workplace delivery. Home service could be an option for certain services.

Finally you have to look at how the customer pays for the products/services. Payment could be by credit card by phone or through your website or via a mobile app upon order. Alternatively for home delivery, it could be COD or cash on delivery.


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