Build Up of Revenue

In the previous page, you were asked to imagine the amount of revenue that the products and/or services of your business idea will bring in on month 36.  Along the same thread, you will recall how when you started, the number of products and/or services you can sell on month one can be counted on one hand. This is in contrast to the number of products and/or services that are projected to be sold on month 36. In between month one to month 36, there is a build up in the number of products and/or services that are sold


Lets say your plan is to achieve a revenue of $1 million on month 36. The growth in revenue from month 0 to month 36 can take many forms. However, there are 3 forms in which you need to pay attention to. The first is when growth in revenue comes in a straight line as can be seen in the graph above. That is revenue picks up at a constant pace. The second is when there is very little revenue in the beginning. Then all of a sudden, revenue shoots up exponentially as shown in the exponential graph above. The third form is when revenue grows fast in the initial period to taper off in the later months. This third form can be seen in the logarithmic graph above. For the purpose of this app, the straight line method shall be used.


Forecast the Revenue

Expected Revenue for Month 36

Build Up of Revenue

Key Turning Points