Combining Attributes and Ideas

Sometimes the combination of two or more existing attributes can result in a new way of doing things. The outcome can be a monumental transformation. The highest grossing smartphone game of all time, Pokemon Go, is such an example. Niantic Labs took the popular game, previously only available on Nintendo devices, put in on a smartphone and incorporated real-world locations using GPS into the game. With places like Pokemon Gym and Poke Stop, this augmented reality game has its fans leaving their homes in droves in search of the virtual creatures.

You can now use the same approach to improve on the 3 shortlisted ideas. First look at the attributes that you did not initially select for these ideas. Think carefully whether there is a chance of selecting any of these attributes. Suppose one of the shortlisted ideas is to provide home cleaning services. Let’s say the attribute you did not select initially is mobile app. It could that you cannot envisage having a mobile app originally as you expect customers to call to book a time slot. Thus including mobile app as one of the attributes enhances the business idea greatly. You can think about having customer to book the time slot using the mobile app thereby saving costs and boosting efficiency. What you now have is a table of shortlisted ideas with the added attributes in red as can be seen below.


After you have reviewed the attributes, it is time to take another look at all the business ideas that you have dropped. See if you can make use of any of the discarded ideas to combine or change your shortlisted ideas. As en example, say, one of your discarded ideas is to provide DIY services for the home. With this review, you can consider providing this additional service as part of or supplementary to your home cleaning service.

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Combining Attributes and Ideas