Buy Branded Sportswear at a Discount

Those who run or jog regularly know the merits of a good pair of branded running shoes. In addition, they came to appreciate the benefits of branded quick drying shorts and T-shirts in our humid weather. Examples of these quick dry apparels are those labelled Dri-Fit by Nike and Climalite by Adidas. However, these branded shoes, shorts and T-shirts are not cheap when they are not on sale.

Some consumers have resorted to buying these items when department stores like Takashimaya, BHG or Isetan have sales promotions on sports goods.  At these sales, you could get what you wanted at attractive discounts usually up to 50% off. You could usually find popular brands at these sales. However good choices in terms of design and sizes tend to be snapped up quickly.  Thus you should try to make your purchase on the first day of the sale for the best choices. Otherwise you could find that the design you wanted was no longer available. Or if the design was still available, the size you desired was not.

Royal Sporting House used to have have their occasional warehouse sale at Macpherson. Recently they moved to Singapore Expo for their warehouse sale. However it remains to be seen whether this is a permanent change. Robinsons and other stores also have regular Expo events where you could find sports goods offered at promotional prices. At times, the offerings could be highly attractive in terms of prices.

What if you had just damaged your pair of sports shoes or tore the T-shirt and in need of an immediate replacement? Unfortunately, these sales promotions are irregular and difficult to catch at times. Furthermore the range of items offered tend to be relatively limited.

You could therefore go to a factory outlet store of the brand you desire. The 2 largest congregation of factory outlet stores are at Changi City Point in the east and IMM  in the west. At these factory outlet stores, you could find a relatively wide range of so called out of season sports goods available usually at discounts of between 30% to 50%. They also have sales promotions where discounts could be up to 70% or so during those periods.

Shopping at factory outlets stores is almost similar to stores at Orchard Road. For the item you fancy, you could try out the different sizes available like a regular store. However there is usually a rack or racks of shoes or t-shirts or shorts with a sign saying last sizes. For these items, all the sizes available are already on the racks. If they are not there, it meant that they were not available elsewhere. The attractiveness of last size items is that there is usually a better discount for them.

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