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Certain Things Will Always Be Of Value


“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure,”

Sven Goran Erikkson, Swedish soccer manager.

Many of us, either secretly or in the open, harbor the motivation to start our own business.  After all, who doesn’t want to be a successful entrepreneur like Mark Zuckerberg. However, the majority of us hesitate to make a decisive move towards becoming an entrepreneur. There are many reasons for the hesitation. The lack of money is most often cited as the reason. Not having the time to pursue the idea further is another common reason. Ultimately it boils down to one fundamental reason, the fear of failure.

It is understandable that one hesitates when there is great uncertainty. In fact it may be foolhardy to blindly pursue an idea with a very slim chance of success. Even so, many try. According to Forbes Magazine in an article in Jan 2015, 90% of startups fail. Obviously the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow remains elusive for most of us.

Rationally, a number of us may be willing to take the plunge if the chances of success are better. What is needed obviously is a way to improve the odds more in our favor. How then can one be in the successful 10%? Many believe that the answer lies in an easy way to evaluate business ideas quickly and identify potential failures before taking the plunge.

The objective of StartBizUp is to provide would be entrepreneurs with a systematic method to evaluate business ideas easily and quickly. By using the 8-step approach, the chances of a selected business idea succeeding can be improved greatly. The reason being that you can tweak the business idea at any step to further enhance the chances of success. If you reach the limit to which the step can be adjusted, simply move a step back or more. At the same time, the possibility of failure is greatly reduced as the business idea gets strengthened or modified at each step or is eliminated.

The photo above is a view from the top of a mountain, Starting a business is akin to climbing a mountain. The path is long and arduous. There are many obstacles along the way. It takes real perseverance and grit to make it to the top. Many drop out by the wayside, unable to go further. Only a few will make it to the top. For those few, the reward for them is the spectacular view of the clouds at the peak. Similar to successful entrepreneurs, there is, of course, a sense of achievement.


The 8-Step approach

Pick Relevant Attributes

Generate New Ideas

Select Best Ideas

Identify Income Sources

Work Out Costs

Forecast the Revenue

Assess and Iterate

Invest and Launch